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 NYC, MaMa’s Day 2014

I hope you’re doing well! Things are great here in NYC. My son is 15 months and we’re all loving life, navigating the roller coaster of this journey we’re on together.

I’m in awe and filled with joy watching him explore the world from a place of pure innocence and curiosity. He’s a great mix of me and Stephen – self confident, independent, willful, creative, fun, sweet, loving and more. The world looks different to me with my son in it, and I feel so blessed. Being responsible for another life is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how we start out from this place of newness – soaking in a ton from the world around us. And how our parents and environment influence our life and the path we choose as we come into our own. For many of us in our 20’s, 30’s or 40’s – or when we become self-aware and seek guidance, whichever comes first – we are eager to explore and heal cracks in our foundation, insecurities become more apparent, we can grasp what triggers our anxiety and comparing ourselves to others is no longer the norm we want to experience. When we reach this point – if we believe having more in our life is possible – we also have the opportunity to examine who we are and what we think we’re missing. It’s the level in life where we start “to get” that to make something different it has to be approached differently.

When I begin to work with new clients, many are at this place. Together we set goals, identify key elements that are holding them back {I play detective putting the pieces together as I hear a bit about their past}, and propel them forward to where they want to be. Change begins to happen instantly and is continuous over the course of working together. When clients stay committed to themselves, progress is perpetual – even after the program ends.




Denise called me over a year ago. She was at a crossroads in her relationship. She and her boyfriend Kevin were deciding whether or not they should move forward or call it quits. The underlying cause: They were both sexually inexperienced and didn’t know if they had chemistry to go the long haul.

Both successful in their prominent careers, they had little time for relationships before they met. Now in their 30’s, they were starting out at a place where a lot of people they knew had gained experience over time. Denise and Kevin had different comfort levels with expressing public displays of affection {PDA}, were out of sync in terms of physical intimacy {even kissing was a challenge} and comparison was sabotaging their pleasure potential.

 Not only did they need to learn sexual skills, they needed to make time for each other within their demanding schedules – as family members were experiencing health concerns and work left little time for romance.

While I usually work the couple in these types of situations, Denise mentioned Kevin was unable to be part of our calls due to timing with his job and would join if and when he could. However, he was a willing participant to “do something different” and see where this leads. I was honest with Denise on the phone letting her know that from my experience – it’s best when both people are coached, but I did believe I could help. I also shared that my life and work experience has been that our core issues are always there. It’s the tools we uncover, develop, sharpen and implement that allow us to get to the next place. I explained sexual skills are something that’s learned, and that most people don’t think of it in these terms. I reassured her that I know of a lot of people {probably most surprising that there are a ton in bustling, hustling, sexy NYC} that “seem to have fulfilled lives on the outside” and many of these smart, successful, attractive people are sexually inexperienced or unsatisfied…it’s something they simply don’t admit. The truth of the matter is that perception of someone else can create an image that breeds inadequacy in ourselves.

I further explained that I didn’t know how her relationship would shake out, but I felt confident I could help her move forward for herself.

A resounding “Yes” marked many of my comments. Denise “got it.” She was committed to the process of change, of doing the work and seeing where it led. I encouraged her to think about working together and get back to me if IGNITE sounded like something she wanted to pursue. I never rush potential clients to make a decision. It needs to resonate, and when it does the world opens up to them in a whole new way and creates the space for life to FLOW.

Denise was ready to work together. Over the course of three short months, not only were goals achieved – we peeled layers and dove deep.


Denise’s desire to experience PDA was fulfilled as Kevin become more expressive in public, their kissing became natural and was no longer contrived, they scheduled time to truly enjoy one another, they supported one another through the difficult health situations family members experienced, physical intimacy was more fluid and flowed, Denise was able to get out of her head and into her heart and sexual confidence and empowerment bloomed.

While three months is plenty of time to see radical transformative change, Denise asked if I would continue working with her monthly, as she wanted to keep peeling back the layers to feel and experience more of the beautiful nectar that life and love has to offer. Now, 12 months later, their relationship is at an elevated level. Kevin proposed, they are enjoying their engagement and will soon start planning their big day. And if and when they find themselves in a rut {as life as we know is filled with ups and downs}, they now have tools they can implement to bounce back.


“I would definitely recommend Amy! She has helped me in so many ways that I couldn’t even begin to name them all! She is knowledgeable, professional and easy to work with. What I have learned from her goes way beyond coaching and has helped me in everyday life experiences. I can’t begin to thank her enough for everything she has done!



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