Sex Coaching


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“Before I paid a dollar, I had a 30 minute Strategy Session with Amy that revolutionized the way I approach relationships. She transformed my impressions of “right” and turned unconventional into comfortable. I’ve implemented her suggestions and thus far, my satisfaction is at its heights.”

“Thank you ever so much for all the guidance you’ve given us.  It’s been great spending these last few months together!  I feel we’ve come leaps and bounds and we have you to thank.”

“Amy, we just want to express how much we enjoyed working with you this year!  You have taken us to a new place!”

“Words cannot express how grateful I am that you are in our life!  Your guidance and compassion is remarkable.”

“Amy was really wonderful to work with.  She was particularly helpful in developing both specific techniques and a broad, positive outlook.  She met with me and my wife both separately and individually and we both found the sessions extremely helpful.  She has a good understanding of how to respect where someone is at the moment, while giving them ideas for how to grow and experiment.  I would definitely recommend Amy as a coach for whatever questions or concerns you might have about sex.”

“Amy, thank you for helping us get our sex life back on track. You weren’t kidding when you said that you’ll help us get from Ho-Hum to Oh!  We are both grateful for your coaching!”

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“It was difficult for me to make the call to see you, but I’m so glad I did.  And, my girlfriend is happy too since my premature ejaculation is history.  Now, she says it’s all about a different type of PE… pure enjoyment.”

“Thanks for helping me and my partner effectively communicate our wants and desires.  You’ve helped us change our relationship with your education and support.  We can’t thank you enough.”

“Since I didn’t have a role-model to teach me how to talk with my kids about sexuality, I’m so lucky to have you!”

“Your knowledge, openness, awareness, guidance, support and non-judgmental approach is refreshing!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to coach me and help me achieve my goals!”

“It’s amazing to think that in all these years of my life, it only took a short time with you to learn about sexuality and feel empowered.  Thanks for everything!”

“Thanks so much for putting the Big O into perspective.  Helping me find my sexual self-esteem and confidence was indeed the magic key to getting to this blissful state…of course, helping me get out of my head, was a BIG part too!  I appreciate you being there for me and supporting me on this journey!”

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