Sex Coaching

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No matter how evolved we are, there’s always more to learn and experience when it comes to sex.

People come to me with a range of issues they want to address, from singles and couples who are sexually inexperienced, to couples who have mismatched sex drives or sexless marriages.

And if you’re reading this, then you most likely want to feel more confident and empowered in your relationships and sex life. You might feel anxious about seeking guidance, yet you know that if you’re going to change, you will need help. Together we set goals, identify key elements that are holding you back achieving from your deepest desires. I play detective and put the pieces together as I hear about your past, and propel you forward to having the {sex} life you want.

Change begins to happen instantly and extends over the course of our time together. When you stay committed, your progress continues indefinitely after the program ends.

When we work together, I’m all in and I expect you to be fully committed too. This allows for the shift to happen and the transformation to take place. It happens quickly and builds momentum. You’ll be changed for the better, forever. It’s HUGE!

So if you’re…

a single woman or man who considers yourself to be sexually inexperienced, I’ll help you delve deep so you will feel confident and empowered. Ultimately, this will allow you to meet your match, rather than adding notches to your bedpost (so to speak) to gain more experience.

a couple who has mismatched sex drives, I’ll teach you new approaches to increase your intimacy levels, creating desire in the low-level partner for intimacy that’s satisfying and pleasurable for both partners.

a guy who has premature ejaculation (less than a minute), I’ll help you let go of your anxiety, learn to take your time, satisfy your partner and last longer.

a woman who has never had an orgasm, I’ll teach you how to nurture yourself, experience pleasure and communicate to your partner what you want, need and desire.

a couple in a sexless marriage who love each other and want more sex, but who are stagnant and unsure how to experience passion again, I’ll teach you how to connect, touch and experience satisfaction more regularly.

a woman or man who is starting to date again after being in a long-term relationship and you have limited sexual experience beyond that of your past partner, I’ll work with you to feel at ease and proactively meet someone new, so you can enjoy being intimate with someone else.

a couple who are considering marriage but wonder if you’re sexually compatible for the long haul, I’ll teach you sex skills that will allow you to experience fluidity instead of awkwardness when you get it on.

a woman or man who lives in your head holding yourself back or sabotaging your sexual self, I’ll help you quiet your inner critic, be present from a heart-centered place and experience your full sexual potential.

I’m incredibly open, honest, straightforward, and nonjudgmental. I have the expertise, and experience to help you transform your life. I know what it takes to get your relationship back on track when you feel distant from yourself or your partner. I teach you how to get yourself out of a rut, be in the moment and live with connection and intimacy. I’ll inspire you – whether you’re single or coupled to be confident and empowered in and out of bed, maximize your relationships, and experience deeper levels of love, communication, compromise, vulnerability and acceptance.


I provide private coaching for singles and couples, and also offer my expertise to leading organizations, companies and the media. I’ve designed and presented trainings, workshops and soirees tailored to audiences at colleges and universities, cocktail and bachelorette parties, corporate gatherings and national conferences.

And you can follow me through my writing. I’ve provided millions of readers with practical, honest and medically accurate sexuality information having had a weekly online Q&A column for Cosmopolitan/iVillage and being quoted in numerous national mags and on the web including AOL, Cosmopolitan, Fit Pregnancy, Glamour, Health, Maxim, Men’s Health, New York Times, Redbook, SELF, Woman’s Day and Women’s Health. I’m also a featured expert on Good In Bed and shows like Extra, Bravo’s Pregnant in Heels and The Meredith Vieira Show.




When Kara initially called me she was 26 and in her first “real” relationship. She labeled herself as having “intimacy issues” that she believed stemmed from her childhood – primarily with her relationship with her mom.

Kara shared that in high school and college, when it seemed like a guy was interested in being more than friends, she psyched herself out consciously and unconsciously to make sure nothing ever happened. She simply felt if something sexual happened she wouldn’t be good enough, and end up embarrassed. So Kara ended everything before it could start. She told me her fears – including her limited sexual experience, as she was a virgin – compounded by not having an emotionally close relationship with her mom, created an unhealthy relationship pattern of avoidance. READ MORE



Denise called me over a year ago. She was at a crossroads in her relationship. She and her boyfriend Kevin were deciding whether or not they should move forward or call it quits. The underlying cause: They were both sexually inexperienced and didn’t know if they had chemistry to go the long haul.

Both successful in their prominent careers, they had little time for relationships before they met. Now in their 30’s, they were starting out at a place where a lot of people they knew had gained experience over time. Denise and Kevin had different comfort levels with expressing public displays of affection {PDA}, were out of sync in terms of physical intimacy {even kissing was a challenge} and comparison was sabotaging their pleasure potential. READ MORE


Q: What options do you offer for coaching?

A: There are two options:

SPARK is a power packed 1-hour one-time session that sparks change. You share your concerns, and I provide my expertise, insight and at least three action steps for you to take to help you achieve your goal(s).

IGNITE is a 3 month program (6 sessions) that ignites your pleasure and includes a complimentary Strategy Session – a phone call to help me learn more, answer any questions you have about coaching, explain how I work in more detail, and make sure we’re a match. It’s important that we feel like we’re a great fit, and that you’re as committed and willing to make this happen as I am. If not, the program simply won’t work. One of my goals as a coach is to set you up to succeed.

When we work together, you share your thoughts and concerns, and I share information and insights, we set goals, we listen, we laugh, you may even tear or cry. It’s life-changing and freeing to be able to talk openly and honestly about sexuality. And more importantly, to get you the sex life you want! It’s about taking a proactive approach!

Based on the topics covered in the session, assignments are usually given to complete at home to help the client progress. Coaching is focused on the present and future, and meant to be short-term. Clients who are truly committed, reach their goals within the 3-month period. Some clients choose to continue past the 3-month period – they achieve their goals early on and then {like layers of an onion} delve deeper or work on other topics.

Q: How is it different than therapy?

A: Therapy typically explores the history of how a person got to the current place, or what happened in the past that can be the cause. Therapy is usually long-term.

Q: How do I know if coaching is right for me?

A: Considering coaching is an important step to live your best {sex} life. If you want to make a change and need guidance and support to make it happen, then coaching is likely you’re next step. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Email or call me at 646.221.9270 to let me know a bit about what’s going on, and let me know if you want to learn more about SPARK, IGNITE or both.

Whenever I feel you will benefit from someone else’s expertise—whether a therapist, acupuncturist, OB/GYN, or another expert—I’ll make recommendations. My goal is to help you achieve yours.

Q: Are sessions only in-person?

A: My office is located in the Flatiron district in NYC. Additionally, sessions are offered via phone, FaceTime and Skype making sessions accessible no matter where you live. It makes it easy for me to work with clients all over the world!

Q: How is your program structured?

A: The clients I work with get a program tailored to their needs. Email me or call 646.221.9270 to find out more details of what’s included.