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This 30-minute mp3 and 12-page workbook with worksheets are designed to Unlock & Access what’s inside of you that may be blocking you from desire and satisfaction. Or, unleash even more pleasure and connection.

Together we’ll take a journey, exploring various aspects of our sex lives, as well as get a peek into how coaching (whether you’re attempting it solo or working with me) can “rewire” your brain, getting you where you want to be.  

Topics are tailored to women.

This recording will guide you to consider, unlock & access:

The way you view sex and sexuality

How you feel about your body

What you {need to} know about key areas of satisfaction

{addressing orgasms, solo sex, communication and sex toys}

How your bedroom can help you own your sexuality

It will also provide the opportunity to set goals you want to achieve.

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Right From the Start:

Talking with Your Kids About Sexuality From Birth {& Beyond}


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