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Want more sexual pleasure in your life? Whether you’re single or coupled, it’s natural to go through stages of feeling sexually blah and other times of being blissful—it’s part of the ebbs and flows of life. The trick is to know what it takes to ignite your pleasure and be proactive, so you have the sex life you want and deserve. Transforming your sex life is the new definition of "going all the way!"

Amy Levine, MA, CSE | Ignite Your Pleasure

Praise for Amy Levine's Sex Coaching and Soirees

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    “It’s amazing to think that in all these years of my life, it only took a short time with you to learn about sexuality and feel empowered.  Thanks for everything!” 

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    “Great insight into the world of sex. Amy is so friendly and makes talking about sex so easy. She’s definitely NY’s premiere sex guru. The Soiree is great to do as a group, and even alone. She had great ideas for making the bedroom more fun!"

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    “Amy was really wonderful to work with. She was particularly helpful in developing both specific techniques and a broad, positive outlook. She met with me and my wife both separately and individually and we both found the sessions extremely helpful. She has a good understanding of how to respect where someone is at the moment, while giving them ideas for how to grow and experiment. I would definitely recommend Amy as a coach for whatever questions or concerns you might have about sex.”

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About Amy

I’m a renowned sexologist, sex coach and certified sexuality educator with over 20 years of experience. And I’m the real deal, as I have my Master’s Degree in Human Sexuality from NYU.

I’ve always been the go-to girl for answers to sexuality questions. It all started when I was very young, as my friends knew that talking about sexuality was far from taboo in my family. In college, it was the same deal. I began volunteering at my college’s health center, became a peer educator on campus and found my calling: a career as a sexuality educator.

I’ve been lucky to have several highlights thus far in my career, like working at a national nonprofit advocating for sex ed for over a decade, writing a weekly online sex Q & A column for Cosmopolitan as the Carnal Counselor, and dishing out Fresh Advice for Cherry TV. You’ll often see me quoted in many magazines and on websites like AOL, CNN, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Health, Hollywood Life, Men’s Health, Redbook and SELF. Most recently, I’m a featured expert on Good In Bed and ChickRx.  And I write a new column for Balm Chicky and a monthly article for Holistic Fashionista Magazine.

I also design and present workshops and soirees tailored to audiences at colleges and universities, cocktail and bachelorette parties, corporate gatherings and national conferences. My favorite role of all is being a sex coach, working with my clients to address sexuality questions and concerns, trouble-shooting dilemmas and providing guidance to help set goals and achieve them. Ultimately, inspiring singles and couples to become confident and empowered in and out of bed.

I would love the chance to meet you one day soon—whether you want to host an event, meet for sex coaching sessions, or if you spot me out and about and want to say hi!

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