Unwrap The Gift Of Pleasure


There are so many possibilities for gifts. Yet, have you ever received something to tickle, tease, touch or excite, skyrocketing your solo or partnered sessions off the charts? Whether you’re buying presents for yourself or someone else in your life–here’s some of my favorite pleasure props that are sure to knock your socks off, and get you busy between the sheets.

Gifts to Delight and Excite:

Bondage Tape (1) – Wrap up this awesome gift and your partner too with this PVC tape that sticks to itself, but not to skin.  It’s reusable, and a fun erotic way to live out your Fifty Shades fantasy.

Blindfold and Restraints (2 & 3) – Want to add a more seductive element, try these satin props of seduction.

Sqweel 2 (4) – Mimic the sensation of a tongue on erogenous areas whether it’s the clitoris, vulva, balls, perineum or other hot spots.

Fleshlight (5) – A great gift for the guy who wants to take his solo sessions to new heights.  Or, used for “endurance training” to give his partner the gift of lasting longer.  Its soft material mimics the feel of the vagina.

RO-80mm Vibe (6) – Slip this small sleek toy between the two of you, in any position, to maximize clitoral stimulation.  It’s also perfect for travel, whether you’re spending the holidays with your family or taking a romantic trip together.  If you want to try something a bit larger with varying speeds, check out RO-120mm (7).  Or, the RO-120 Mini Mate (8) with an elastomer cover.

Ocean Vibe (9) –  It has a super smooth velvety texture, swirls on the surface to delight the clitoris, vagina and g-spot, and is made of medical grade silicone.  Environmentally friendly with it’s rechargeable “click-n-charge” magnetic technology, this vibe will surely provide waves of pleasure.

Pop Plug (10) – Explore pleasure-filled back door action with this silicone toy.  Start with the small one and graduate to the large size before experimenting with the real deal.  Penetration in this often taboo nerve-packed area can be highly erogenous for both men and women.  Check out The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex For Women or Anal Pleasure and Health to learn more.

Moregasm: Babeland’s Guide to Mind-Blowing Sex (11) – This book provides a healthy perspective on sexuality, features great information and images of real women and men.  It’s great if you’re having sex by yourself or with a partner of any gender.

RingO (12) – This silicone cock ring helps prolong pleasure and to delay ejaculation. Check out this link to learn more about how to use it properly.

Afterglow Candle (13) – This body safe candle for massage is a great way to begin or end your sack session.  Use the body brush to paint it on the skin, or the spout to pour on the most erogenous spots.  Know that it’s not compatible with latex – so avoid the genital area if you’re using latex condoms after playing with the candle.

Make Me Over (14) – A beautiful discreetly designed and packaged massager, this toy made of silicone can be recharged through a USB plug.

Rose G-Spotter (15) – Made of pyrex, this toy is a great way to learn how to stimulate the G-spot and keep you coming back for more.  You can also get inventive by trying this fun shape in different ways and places.

Have a question about a product that’s on the list, or want to learn more about another one?  Email me for info.


  • Silicone toys disintegrate with silicone lube, so make the most of these pleasure props by using water-based lube.

  • Sex toys shouldn’t be shared if you aren’t sure that you and your partner are STD-free.  Using a latex condom over the toy can reduce the risk if you don’t know someone’s status.

  • Sex toys should be properly washed between sack sessions.  Find out more about the materials of each item on the Babeland site and read about toy cleaning and care.

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