School That's As Hot As The Best Sex

It's that time of year again. B-School is the only non-sex thing I email about once a year. 

It's an a amazing program that changed the way I do business. The last day to join is March 1st. If you know that what you are doing is not aligned with who you are, have a ton of ideas and not sure of the next steps, feel overwhelmed figuring out how to grow your business or want to explore the possibility of becoming an online entrepreneur, you'll want to learn more. Keep in mind while this may be a splurge, you won't have buyer's remorse (besides there is a 2 module (about 2 weeks) money back guarantee to ensure you feel great about your decision). 

Intrigued? Then read on. If you're not interested, thanks for reading. And in either case, stay tuned for more blogs coming your way.


B-School is only offered once a year. When you're "in" - you're "in" for life and can retake it every year to delve deeper. The community is incredible - the private facebook group I'm in from the year I signed up has over 24,000 cool people doing inspiring work - you can ask people for support and encouragement 24/7 and get a response in real time (see photo at the very bottom for the proof). Your group will be all those that sign up this round.


The bottom line is I like getting, doing and learning new things - whether it's test driving a new sex toy, trying a new sex position or anything that can make my life better than ever. However, there are two extreme sides of me - the one that wants the immediate gratification of having the hottest trendiest bright shiny object {so to speak} and the other that is slightly skeptical until my master detective due diligence is done. I go to great lengths to source out the best of the best and make sure it's an awesome value. I would only share something non-sex related if it was as good as - or dare I say as satisfying as sex!

When opportunity arises to elevate my life and business the "package" has to resonate completely for me to comply. So, when I found out about Marie Forleo's B-School a few years ago {business school with wit, results and without boredom}, I became obsessed with what she offers {and even developed a healthy dose of a female entrepreneurial crush}.


You may have already heard of Marie - she's chatted it up as Oprah's guest on an episode of Super Soul Sunday, been interviewed by Tony Robbins and has spent quality time with Richard Branson. Most of all, she's helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs (if not more) create profitable businesses they love. Her tagline is Make Money. Change The World. And she means it! After being in debt in her early twenties, she has since built a multimillion dollar empire. This isn't a scheme...she's the real deal. While I'm not making millions...yet. I'm doing well and have learned a billion things that are life changing for me and my biz.

If it's not for you, perhaps you know a friend or acquaintance that will benefit. I believe in transparency and authenticity, so I want you to know that because I love B-School so much I've become an affiliate. If you click on the link and purchase, I might receive financial compensation {which also means if you end up signing up I'll be giving away a very sexy complimentary bonus as a perk -  ongoing support and 3 hours of sex coaching or business coaching worth $900}. Email me at or call my cell at 646.221.9270 so I can help figure out if this is a good fit for you. This program isn't about selling it to everyone. It's for people who are ready and want to do something different to move forward.

See you in B-School!



Amy Levine