A Sex Expert Is Born


When I was growing up, my family discussed sex like any other topic. It wasn’t taboo. And because my mom was a nurse, my friends knew who to ask when they had sex questions. I learned to have a positive body image and take care of my body. I figured out what felt good when I touched myself, had access to info about sexuality and became a self-taught sexpert.

In college I became a sexual health peer educator. At that point, it struck me that while my personal experience with sexuality had always been positive, this wasn’t the case for most people. To the contrary, many people shared that they needed to hide their thirst for knowledge, thoughts, feelings, desires and curiosity because they felt embarrassed or even worse: shamed.

With my clients, I address sexuality questions and concerns, helping them break through their dilemmas and guide them to set and achieve their goals.

When I was single, I did what I wanted, when I wanted, with whomever I wanted and felt empowered. Maybe it was luck, and maybe it was the latex, but I kept myself safe. The flings in which I had crazy sexual chemistry rarely materialized and the long-term relationships became monotonous. My parents got divorced after 30 years of marriage leaving me to wonder if I was better off alone. Then I met someone very special and got hitched, only to learn that marriage is a lot of work!

Over the years, I’ve realized that the plug and play model for a relationship that I saw growing up was the blueprint for my marriage… and it wasn’t working! I wasn’t going to let that be my legacy. Now, after having studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming, explored IMAGO therapy and other approaches, my toolbox is deeper and more diverse – beyond my sexuality expertise.

Alongside a thriving coaching practice, I provide expertise to leading organizations, companies and the media. I’ve designed and presented trainings and workshops tailored to audiences at colleges and universities, cocktail and bachelorette parties, corporate gatherings and national conferences. And I’ve provided millions of readers with practical, honest and medically accurate sexuality information having had a weekly online Q&A column for Cosmopolitan/iVillage and being quoted in numerous national mags and on the web including AOL, Cosmopolitan, Fit Pregnancy, Glamour, Health, Maxim, Men’s HealthNew York Times, Redbook, SELF,Woman’s Day and Women’s Health. I’m also a featured expert on Good In Bed and shows like Extra, Bravo’s Pregnant in Heels and The Meredith Vieira Show.