As a renowned certified sexuality educator, Amy Levine offers Soirées {to ignite your pleasure} that address the sexuality questions and sex dilemmas you want to solve. Ultimately, inspiring you—whether you’re single or coupled—to become savvy and empowered in and out of the bed.

Amy has been quoted in numerous magazines and on the web including AOL, Best Life, CNN, Company UK, Cosmopolitan, Daily Beast, Fit Pregnancy, Glamour, Health, Hollywood Life, Maxim, Men’s HealthNew York Family, NY Daily News, Parents, Redbook, Timeout New York Kids, SELF, SheKnows,, Woman’s Day and Women’s Health.  And she has appeared on eXTRA, Bravo’s Pregnant in Heels and The Meredith Vieira Show.

For many years she was known as Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Carnal Counselor providing millions of readers with practical, honest and medically accurate sexuality information.

The Soirée is for you if you want:

-to have fun talking about sex nonstop with a renowned sex expert 

-to learn more about sexuality including solo sex, communicating with a partner, increasing satisfaction, getting out of sex ruts, pleasure props, fantasy, orgasms and so much more

-to have questions about sexuality anonymously and/or personally answered (you’ll never be put on the spot to share intimate details)

-to learn tips and tricks to make your sex life sensational

-to tap into your pleasure potential

-to unleash a new level of sexual confidence

If you answered yes to any of these questions – and know it’s possible to experience more sexual knowledge, pleasure and empowerment –then the Soirée is for you!

All workshops are sponsored by well-known companies that provide the best must-have products.

Workshops Include:

Personalized interactive workshop

Gift bags for each guest and over $150 in Prizes

Email Amy or call 646.221.9270 for details. 


“Amy is funny, inspirational, very understanding and incredible knowledgeable. She is just one of us and someone who believes love and pleasure rules the world. I’m very thankful to talk about these topics in such a normal environment.”

“I admire Amy’s ability to educate women on their bodies and sexuality they way she does. It’s an unforeseen talent in many ways. She really opened my eyes.”

“Amy was amazing! She was not only informative, but also gave a sense of how to make sex better. The fact that sex is something that you don’t talk much about became a much more open conversation. Also the idea that communication is the key for a good sex life is obvious, but Amy made it feel much more comfortable.”

“The perfect send off for our best friend before her honeymoon.  Smart, sexy and fun!” 

“This was great – very informative and fun.  I can’t wait to get home to my man!  Thank you for a fun night Amy.”

“Great intuitive advice on how to spice things up in a long term relationship.”

“Great experience and a lot of fun!”

“Amy is great – she’s very open, conversational and able to put the whole room at ease.  Our party had a great time!”

“Great class, great coach!  Amy also had great medical knowledge.”

“I wasn’t so sure about this session, but I found it extremely informative and easy to sit through.  Amy had a super way of making me feel so comfortable and I really enjoyed the evening.”

“This was such an educating and informative class.  I can’t wait to explore my sex life further with my spouse.  Amy gave such wonderful and easy tips to follow.  I’ve also learned so much about sex toys and can’t wait to start using them.”

“Great class!  It was so much fun.  My girlfriends and I had a great time filled with laughs and battery operated machinery.”

“You’re amazing.  Can’t wait to give the best hand job of my life.”

“Great class.  Amy is extremely informative and answered everyone’s questions which is so helpful…awesome idea for a bachelorette party. Thank you!”

“Amy was great!  The session was so much fun, informative and very much tailored to the audience.  I highly recommend it!”

“Great insight into the world of sex.  Amy is so friendly and makes talking about sex so easy.  She’s definitely NY’s premier sex guru.  The Soiree is great to do as a group, and even alone.  She had great ideas for making the bedroom more fun!”

“I had a great time learning different methods and techniques in how I can have great sex in life.”

“Thanks so much Amy!  The session was extremely informative and fun!  The perfect idea for a bachelorette party.  I will definitely recommend it to friends”

“Amy was very helpful.  She had very detailed and knowledgeable explanations.”

“I wish I had this in high school for health class.  Amy is super knowledgeable and the session was educational, but fun!”

Thank you for giving us an  honest, candid, judgment free session.  I had a whole lot of fun.”

“Amy is awesome – she made our bachelorette party so much fun and comfortable.  Her advice is empowering.”

“I loved how informative the session was without feeling awkward to discuss all the questions.  It didn’t make me feel inexperienced about sex at all.”

“Amy was extremely informative and very fun.  She was able to keep it very professional while keeping a high energy atmosphere.  A must do for any birthday or bachelorette party.”

“The Soiree was the perfect birthday present.  It was fun, comfortable, and informative.  The way Amy addressed “awkward” sex issues is something to be commended by women all over.  I loved it!  Sexy, young, and amazing 411!”

“Tonight was both incredibly informative and really fun.  The group was definitely outgoing and curious, which made it more relaxed and fun.  Amy was so comfortable to talk with, and I had a great time.”

“So informative!  Loved talking about “everything”, really opened my eyes a lot!

“Amy, thanks for the amazing “pleasure party” for my bachelorette celebration.  It was a blast!  I learned a lot and will take all the info with me on my honeymoon and use it in my marriage.”

“The soirée was a fun, creative and informative.  Well worth it!”

“I enjoyed Amy’s friendliness and ability to feel comfortable and be open.”

“Amy is very helpful, and made people feel very comfortable creating an open and inclusive environment.  It was also a very interesting learning experience.  Highly recommended!”

“Loved your personality and spunk.  You had my attention at all times!”

“The workshop was really informative and great!  Amy was very easy to relate to.”

“Amy has a great sense of humor with all the sexual topics discussed.”

“Amy, thank you for tonight’s workshop.  This was my first sex class, and it was very interesting.  Your demeanor and personality made us all feel very comfortable talking about sex.”

“The workshop was educational in a fun and “to the point” way.”

“Thanks for the fun, educational class.  I look forward to trying some new techniques.  I am sure my husband will appreciate them too!”

“I love that Amy was so open and answered all the questions.”

“I really appreciated Amy’s honesty about sex.  Especially the trick about ensuring a condom doesn’t break.”

“The workshop was truly an enjoyable and educational experience.  Everyone can use a little “sex ed” — even just a quick refresher.  Looking forward to using my newfound knowledge.”

“Amy’s workshop was educational and lighthearted at the same time.  She’s very professional and respectful.”

“Great workshop—definitely learned some things I never knew.”

“Amy was extremely informative and fun.  The workshop was the perfect balance between educational and fun.   I learned a lot especially to be more confident!

“I loved being able to talk about private things, and easily learn about sex stuff I usually wouldn’t think twice about.”