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Have you ever thought about sex as the most powerful creative force human beings have access to? Sex, is in fact what creates new life! If we can use sex to create a person, what else can we create with that powerful energy?

What if you could use orgasmic energy to attract your dream partner, or even increase your fertility to conceive a child? What if you could use the same mind-blowing orgasmic energy to attract a new career or even more money? 

Maybe you would be happy to simply achieve the Big O for the very first time! Wherever you are at in your journey with intimacy and sexuality is a great opportunity to move forward.

I'm personally inviting you to The Alchemy of Sex Summit! It's here that we will explore the essential secrets to a satisfying sex life and a deeper connection with intimacy!

It is no secret that when a woman is thriving sexually she radiates a certain confidence and magnetizes her desires easily. 

Is it time for YOU to rise up in your power and unite the deep wisdom of your sexuality with the rest of your life? 

This free event has come to your attention for a reason! Listen to that message! Your soul is seeking more! Now matter where you are you can always gain new depths in your understanding of the magic that aligned spiritual sexuality can bring to your life.

Get your spot now! to The Alchemy of Sex Summit.

In this free online event, Willow Brown L.Ac. is bringing together 20 of the worlds leading experts in Sexuality, Relationships, Health and Intimacy. We will be there to guide you in healing from past wounds and old shame, while fulfilling your needs for intimacy and love, and becoming orgasmic or multi-orgasmic for the first time, if you are already at that level then come find out about the “Superior Orgasm,” from Master Mantak Chia! I'm sure I'll learn new things too!

The fact is, you are worthy of having ALL your needs met, AND it is imperative that you explore the expansion that awaits you! Truthfully, when your heart center and your sex center are unsatisfied you are less available for the people and activities in your life that you love.

Now is your time to SHINE. The phenomenal authors, coaches, teachers and guides that are part of the Alchemy of Sex Summit want to help you breakthrough the shame, doubt, fear, and insecurity that is holding you back from living a love filled, sexually thriving life. 

As an act of self- love...register now

The summit will cover everything from how to: 

-Ditch Your Legacy: Live Your Own Connected & Pleasure Life (my interview, helping you recognize messages from growing up that are no longer serving you and encouraging you to rewrite and live the life you want).

Become Multi-Orgasmic and Experience Superior Orgasms (which can be directed to specific organs and glands for accelerated healing)

Experience More Intimacy and Passion by understanding your inner rhythms and cycles.

Eat Right for a Healthy Libido and prepare your body for a fulfilling sex life.

Step into your Full Power in a way that inspires your partner to open to you, rather than shut down.

- Ask for What you Want in Bed, and in Relationship 

- Clearing Shame and Old Patterns to overcome insecurity and gain confidence.

And so much more!

This Summit will give you the resources and tools you need for a thriving and satisfying sex life! It is unlike any summit you’ve heard before, in that it will bridge the gap between your physical sexual body (endocrine system) and your spiritual/emotional body, so that you can live in a sexually fulfilled body everyday!

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Join me and you'll receive my free gift: The Keys to Desire & The Art of Satisfaction (a 30-minute mp3 and 12-page workbook with worksheets) designed to Unlock & Access what’s inside of you that may be blocking you from desire and satisfaction. Or, unleash even more pleasure and connection.

I'll let you know soon what day my interview will release.

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