Reality check:

Some of us want what we don’t have, and others aren’t sure how to elevate what we got.

If you’re single, you may wonder when you’ll meet your match, get hitched and have a family. After all, these days we often wait longer to settle down, hopefully not choosing to settle.

Those of us in relationships are either having the time of our lives knowing that together we can accomplish more than if we were solo.  Or, perhaps things have gotten out of hand.

Many of us don’t know how to start to build the relationship we envision. We may not even be sure about what we’re striving for, as we often don’t have role models in our lives to show us how to make it happen.

Do you notice…

that when you’re more giving to your partner (or those in your life) and the more you feel appreciated, the happier you feel?

What if…

you made a concerted effort every day to “do good” for those you love.  And, if those in your life were using the same blueprint you would “get good” in return?

Think about it:

Every day you have the option to lead a happier more fulfilled life by just being the best version of yourself.

Two cliches and a truth:

There is no “I” in team.  It takes two to tango.  US is stronger than ALONE.

Redefine the foundation {of your relationship}:

When you feel connected, happy and appreciated (to name a few of the facets that form a healthy foundation), your satisfaction increases on many levels…romantically, emotionally, spiritually and sexually.  The clients I coach know this, as we work together to get them to this place.  And, I know this because I live it!

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Use your answers to guide your FABULOUS life.

Amy Levine