Using Your Zodiac Sign to Increase Connection with Your Partner

Sex is one of the most intimate forms of expression we can experience in life. It’s a way for us to connect on a deeper level with ourselves and our partners, while also having fun. However, many couples may find they don’t experience meaningful intimacy and pleasure from sex. This may be due to not feeling sexually empowered and may include a disconnect or lack of open communication about wants, needs and desires.

Here are some ways to feel more connected for a healthier sex life! 

1. Connect with your own body

If we aren’t comfortable sexually with ourselves, it may be harder for us to be fully comfortable being intimate with someone else. Something that may hold us back from feeling satisfied from our sexual experiences is feeling insecure about our bodies. It's important to fall in love with the skin we’re in and embrace our sexuality to get the most our of our connection with our partner.

2. Understanding each other’s sexual personalities

We often look to zodiac signs when trying to better understand our relationships and ourselves. Check out this fun infographic together as a conversation starter to learn more about your own and each other’s sexual personalities. Talk with each other about what is true (or not), as you discover what each of you would like more or less of between the sheets or anywhere you may get it on. Also, use it to generate new ideas of what you want to try.,

hershoroscope_v03@2x (1).jpg

3. Communicate preferences

Having a conversation with your partner about what you both like and don’t like in bed is crucial to your overall sexual health. To have a productive sex talk together, find teachable moments out of bed, compliment rather than complain and ask basic questions that are playful and exploratory. Remember talking about sex is as important as any other topic, if you’re uncomfortable put things in perspective, its like finding out their favorite meal or the most memorable book they ever read.

4. Be on the same page

To fully feel confident to experiment and be ourselves in the bedroom, it’s crucial to be on the same page. This can be anything from knowing and sharing the times of day/night you do and don’t enjoy sex, what you want to try and what remains a fantasy or your plans for starting a family. What will make sex better for you both - Getting lube (as wetter can feel better and a woman’s natural lubrication comes and goes during a sexual encounter no matter how turned on we may be), consider taking a daily contraceptive if you worry about getting pregnant, doing something to break the routine? The bottom line: Being on the same page leads to sex feeling more free.

Amy Levine